Chasing waterfalls! We often forget that Hong Kong is surrounded by wilderness and that all we need to do is explore it! Cascading waterfalls are no exception and there are plenty of picturesque sites to see. Grab a picnic, step outside, and explore Hong Kong's finest waterfall outings.


Secretly tucked away above Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, it’s easy to walk right past Tai Tam Mound Waterfall without a second thought. The natural beauty starts out as a stream over a low cliff, but then continues through a stretch of wild greenery, before dropping out of sight.
Getting there: Walk northwest along the Hong Kong Trail, north of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir dam. Cross the bridge after 10 minutes and at the next wooden bridge, you will see a scramble down a tiny stream on the left.
Cliff-jumping opportunities abound in this tiered series of waterfalls and natural pools hidden in the hills between Sai Wan and Ham Tin beaches in the Tai Long Wan cove. They are a perfect side stop for a day trip to the beach or during a camping staycation weekend.

Getting there: From Sai Kung town, take the 29R Minibus to the Sai Wan Pavilion, or take a taxi. You will see signs from there to Sai Wan. You will reach Sai Wan after about 40 minutes. Walk past the restaurants and follow the path left onto a larger neighbouring beach where tents may be set up. Stick to the left until you see the end of the stream and trek into overgrown shrubs where you will find fenced off farmlands on your left. Continue forwards and watch your step as you climb uneven and rocky paths that are shaded by overgrown leaves. Follow this for 15-20 minutes and you will see the waterfall.
The other alternative to get to and from Sai Wan is by speedboat from Sai Kung, which will take you straight to the beach. You should arrange your boat before you leave Sai Kung town as they can get full, or may not be running due to weather.

Urban legend holds that the area gets its name from a bride who fell into the pool and drowned when she was being carried in a sedan chair during stormy weather. Today, there is a clearly marked, paved and flat path to get to the falls. There are some beautiful trails around Plover Cove, so it’s worth using these as brief picnic and snack stops during a full-day of wandering in the area.
Getting there: Take the MTR to the Tai Po Market stop. If it’s a Sunday or public holiday, you can take the 275R bus to the Bride’s Pool stop found at exit A3. Any other day, just hop in a taxi, which will take about 25 minutes. From there, there are clearly marked paths for the Bride’s Pool Nature Trail. Once past the trailhead, go down the stairs and over the bridge where you’ll need to turn left to arrive at the falls. Shortly you will see the signpost leading you to Mirror Pool. For Bride’s Pool, trace your steps back to the crossroads and walk in the direction heading towards the barbecue site. Through the barbecue site and up stairs and you will find yourself at Bride Pool.