The brand Karl Twelve originates from Sweden, long renowned for its quality, focus and creative spirit. The designer behind the brand, Jesper Lindquist, wanted to create something genuine, something that would give you a strong positive feeling just by holding the frame. A brand where design and quality speak for itself. Handcrafted in Italy using high-grade acetate and 18k gold-plated detailing.
The focus is on craftsmanship and carefully selected materials. Quality is in the detail.
With classical yet brave frames, the brand Karl Twelve became famous across borders. Wherever there is sunshine or spotlight there is a proud owner of a pair of Karl Twelve sunglasses.
The TRIWA sunglasses range demonstrates carefully considered styles that allow for the use of only the finest and highest quality materials. From the first sketches of the designs, to the last step in the production process, the quality and stylish is a top priority.
Style over status, always.
Browse our collection of some of the best sunglasses, including, but not limited to: polarized sunglasses, tortoise shell designs and modern classics.