Women's Footwear

Flattered | A flirtation between Scandinavian simplicity and Southern European sensuality.

Flattered takes pride in designing timeless shoes by combining sophistication and comfort using exquisite, soothing materials such as the finest suede and leather. A pair of Flattered shoes is meant to be worn over subsequent seasons, staying true to their classic and feminine design. Designed in Sweden, all shoes are handcrafted with caution and care in Portugal and Spain.

North-89 | Designed for an active lifestyle while drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian weather conditions

North-89 sneakers are handmade in a family owned factory in Portugal using the finest Italian leathers and innovative materials available. Designed in Stockholm, at the heart of Scandinavia where all four seasons are clearly exhibited, North-89 strives to deliver footwear based on quality, functionality and comfort.