Phone Cases

OAK & ASH New Phone Cases | Made of Recycled Glas & Ocean Plastic

By purchasing a 12/12 Pro phone case you give plastic waste a value, together with OAK & ASH and Tide.Earth.

The ocean is suffocating with plastic pollution. Solutions are urgently needed, or otherwise the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050.
#tide offers a solution to this pollution: Up-cycling ocean-bound plastic waste and transforming it into a premium raw material which brands use for their new sustainable products. 

Oak & Ash is very proud to have started a partnership with A Swiss company that educates, informs and engages fishermen and villagers in Thailand about the harm ocean plastics cause. Teaching them how to collect and sort, this plastic is then processed in Switzerland, made into pellets and then repurposed into “new” products. 

Oak & Ash continuously aims to limit the carbon footprint and they always strive to offer new and innovative sustainable products.