Blossa Glögg | Mulled wine 10% | 75 CL

Blossa Glögg | Mulled wine 10% | 75 CL

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Classic Swedish Glögg - Full of Christmas flavors.
Blossa Vinglögg is a symbol of Christmas and a popular winter warmer.
How it's made

The genuine ingredients are key. Blossa is based on wine from vineyards from Southern Europe to give Blossa glögg its characteristic flavour of dried fruits and raisins. We also add the finest sugar from sugar beets to ensure the precise sweetness we are famous for, and then there are the spices! The right spices are carefully selected to ensure Blossa’s taste profile. They are carefully tested a year in advance to ensure the perfect blend. The spices are then extracted in liquor for 4 weeks and left to mature for another 3 months.

What it tastes like
Generous and spicy aroma with hints of cardamom and cloves. The palate is packed full of Christmas spices and raisins which culminates in a long and spicy finish.
How to use it
Best enjoyed warm and garnished with almonds and raisins. Try pairing glögg with traditional gingerbread cookies and various blue cheeses with fruit served on the side.
Blossa is the most sold glögg brand in its home country Sweden and beloved across the Nordics. Its unique recipe has been a well-kept secret for almost 150 years and love for the craft, sense of quality, and the finest ingredients have made Blossa a true Nordic Christmas tradition.

Traditional Swedish mulled wine to keep you warm on winter nights. Sweet, spicy flavour with notes of raisins, cloves, cardamom and ginger.

Alcohol content 10 %.

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