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The Fear Bucket List

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FEAR is the primary power that stops a person living the best life possible. 

Dr. Kamilla Holst opens the doorways to overcoming and conquering your fears as you journey with her around the world! Kamilla shows how to master the emotional self as she takes you deep into the jungles of the human spirit and out through the enlightened passageways in the Egyptian deserts.

This powerful account builds upon your character with every chapter and gently guides the reader towards what it means to embrace the strength and power within us all in order to live your best life possible without being afraid and go from Victim to Power Woman.

100% of this book's profit will go to the non-profit organization HAGAR international HK, helping women and children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam whose lives have been devastated by extreme human rights abuses—particularly domestic violence, exploitation, and human trafficking.

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