Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Cone | Merry Christmas | Orange & Cinnamon | 40%

Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Cone | Merry Christmas | Orange & Cinnamon | 40%

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What tastes more Christmas than milk chocolate with notes of cinnamon and orange? We can almost promise you that you will get into the Christmas spirit before you even have time to taste the first bite. This Cone has quickly become one of our real classics, loved by young and old.

Chocolate in a cone is nostalgia for some and novelty for others. Regardless, it is a joyful tradition that we are happy to carry on. The charming cones and delicious flavors make them perfect as gifts and fun elements at parties, holidays and other celebrations. With our Limited Edition cones, our chocolatiers live out all their creativity and passion for chocolate.

You who buy our Organic Fairtrade chocolate contribute to international trade, based on respect for human rights and concern for the environment. Thanks to your purchases, growers and employees in countries with poverty can strengthen their position in the world market and improve their working and living conditions on their own.

Free from: Gluten, Almonds, Soy, Eggs & Peanuts

Net weight 90 grams.

  • Cane sugar*/sugar* • Cocoa butter*
  • Whole milk powder*
  • Cocoa mass*
  • Shea butter*
  • Natural aroma • Cinnamon*
  • Vanilla*

*Organic ingredient

Nutrion Facts per 100 g 

ENERGY 2480 kJ 
ENERGY 594 kcal 
FAT 44.9 g, saturated fat 25.9 g 
CARBOHYDRATE 37 g, sugars 6.4 g
SALT 0 g 

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