For those of you who have never heard of Swedish fika, it is the practice of having a cup of coffee and something sweet, either in your spare time or as a short break during office hours. The concept has gained world fame in recent years and has more or less joined the club of over-hyped Scandinavian cliches (lagom and hygge, we're looking at you).


The inspiration comes from Paris and Vienna, serving at the tables, generous exposure of delicacies and a love for life's good, just as our new baking oven. Under the star of the constable Per Bäckströms, we focus on world-class gastronomic crafts where accuracy, pleasure and expertise characterize everything from pastries and coffee to crepes and champagne.


Chokladkoppen is a cozy café with lovely food and cold and hot drinks in a unique building at Stortorget 18 in the heart of Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm.
Enjoy a typical Swedish cinnamon bun (kanelbulle) accompanied with their famous hot chocolate.



Sturekatten is located in a 18th century building in Östermalm district. They serve traditional Swedish food and fika. 
For lunch or fika, we recommend you to arrive early (12pm at the latest) to reduce wait for a table.