Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the many attractions to see in Hong Kong? 
Start your sightseeing off with our top favorites, to see completely different sides of our beloved city.


If a single image could encapsulate Hong Kong, it would be the panorama from Victoria Peak. Looking down at the city from this famous vantage point, you'll see one of the finest harbors on Earth and a skyline so improbable, audacious and lofty that Manhattan's looks provincial by comparison. 
Go in the late afternoon to experience both daylight and nighttime view of our beautiful city.
The famous tram can take you up from its terminus on Garden Road (nearest MTR: Central). This one is often very crowded, be prepared to wait up to a few hours in peak hour. We would recommend to skip the tram, take a taxi, bus or even trek up to the peak. If you really want to try out the old tram, take it on your way down to save some time. 


One of the most beautiful and arrestingly built environments in Hong Kong, this large Buddhist complex, originally dating from the 1930s, was rebuilt completely of wood (and not a single nail) in the style of the Tang dynasty in 1998. It is a serene place, with lotus ponds, immaculate bonsai tea plants and bougainvillea, and silent nuns delivering offerings of fruit and rice to Buddha and arhats (Buddhist disciples freed from the cycle of birth and death) or chanting behind intricately carved screens.

To reach the nunnery, take exit C2 of Diamond Hill MTR station, walk through the Hollywood Plaza shopping centre and turn east on to Fung Tak Rd. The nunnery is a five-minute walk away.


The Shek O peninsula is a popular day trip destination, and where the locals go to escape the summer heat.
Quaint Shek O Village attracts sun seekers and families to its casual open-air eateries and its beach, dotted with barbecue pits.
Hikers hit popular trails like the Dragon’s Back, in Shek O Country Park, or head to the more remote coastal cliffs of Cape d’Aguilar, to the south. Big Wave Bay is a known surf spot, and home to a prehistoric rock carving.

Get there:
MTR Island Line to Shau Kei Wan Station exit A3 then from nearby Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus take number 9 bus (approx every 15/20 mins) to Shek O (journey time about 30 mins).