Sustainable Coffee Beans | Mario Ferrari Espresso

Sustainable Coffee Beans | Mario Ferrari Espresso

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Mario Ferrari and his son Alberto produce specialty coffee at the farm Fazenda da Serra as the second generation of coffee farmers. Brazil is a country otherwise plagued by industrial coffee production, from which Mario and his son stand out as they also take care of the rain forest surrounding their volcanic soil coffee plantation.

The hills of the area make it difficult to pick the coffee any other way than by hand, contrary to the industrial producers who pick by stripping machines. The hills, however, also provide more sun hours for the cherries and hand picking allows for a more carefully selected harvest. This, together with the fertile volcanic soil and shadow trees provided by the rain forest gives a unique coffee. Powerful, sweet and creamy as an espresso or a darker filter coffee with lower acidity.

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Brewing method: Filter and espresso
Character: Dark Chocolate and Orange
Varieties: Mundo Novo
Processing methods: Natura
Origins: Brazil
Weight: 250g

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