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Raw chocolate | Chili

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A raw chili chocolate that is not only strong. Pure cocoa flavour mixed with pepper tones, which after a while give a sneaky heat that turns into a warm feeling. Perfect for the dark days of winter. People trying it are usually left thinking "Was it really chili flavoured?" just before the heat starts to tickle them in the throat.

Our raw chocolates are milk-free, soy-free, gluten free and completely vegan, still tasting like a piece of heaven. Raw chocolate in it's purest form. No fuzz. Just really good.

Cocoa content >73%.

Nutrion Facts per 100 g (per 50g)

ENERGY 2464 kJ (1232 kJ) / 595 kcal (297.5 kcal)
FAT 48.6 g (24.3 g) , saturated fat 30.5 g (15.2 g)
CARBOHYDRATE 26.1 g (13 g), sugars 22,5 g (11.2 g)
FIBER 12.1 g (6 g)
PROTEIN 7 g (3.5 g)
SALT 0.17 g (0.08 g)

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