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Organic Tonic Elderflower 200ml

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Ekobryggeriet offers Sweden’s leading organic premium tonic. Their tonics are produced in Österlen in southern Sweden, containing only organic sugar, natural aromas, carbonated water and citric acid with a bitter taste of tonic. The flavours are inspired by Nordic nature and culture. Ekobryggeriet lives by the motto "A THIRD TO THE WORLD" which means that they give back a third of the company's profits to the environment or people who need help.

Instead of using quinine, Ekobryggeriet uses natural aroma from Quassia, which is another type of bitter wood plant and was originally used as a protection against malaria mosquitoes in South America. Tonic water can be enjoyed straight as it is or you can pair it with a nice bottle of gin. The Elderflower is a classic Swedish summer flavour and adds a wonderful flowery taste to the bitter tonic.

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