Tie | Orange Dotted | Silk

Tie | Orange Dotted | Silk

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Orange tie, woven in 100% silk, made in Italy. 

Orange tie should match the rest of your outfit in terms of its color and style, but it does not need to be the exact same color as the rest of the ensemble. An orange tie should not clash with the rest of the outfit. Orange ties are also a great choice for weddings and special occasions. 

With its characteristic shine and formability, woven silk ties have become the classic material choice. Our range of woven silk ties includes both smooth single-colored satin and pattern-rich fabrics with unique structure. 

In order to store the tie in the best possible way, we recommend that the tie is either rolled together, which smooth out any folds, or is kept straight hanging. When removing the tie open the knot and carefully pull the wide end of the tie to minimize the strain on the fabric.

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