Sustainable Coffee Beans | Balck Coffee Blend

Sustainable Coffee Beans | Balck Coffee Blend

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From the beginning BALCK COFFEE did not want to advocate blends because every origin deserves to be enjoyed in it's own right. Blends also tend to be a way to hide poor quality, an idea we completely reject. 

The results of this fantastic blend is a full cup of coffee with several layers, perfect for both filter and espresso. 

We are happy to buy from:

David Rubanzangado's lot from Rwanda for 259% over market price. 

Faysel Abdosh's lot from Etiopien for 232% over market price.  

Mario Ferraris's lot from Brazil for 98% over market price. 


Brewing method: Filter and espresso
Character: Chocolate, raisins and vanilla
Varieties: Red bourbon, Heirloom and Mundo Novo
Processing methods: Natural and washed
Origins: Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia
Weight: 250g

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