Sunglasses | Blue Bird Ingrid - STOCKHOLM
Sunglasses | Blue Bird Ingrid - STOCKHOLM
Sunglasses | Blue Bird Ingrid - STOCKHOLM

Sunglasses | Blue Bird Ingrid

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TRIWA sunglasses are sophisticated, made only with the finest and highest quality materials to push for clean designs for versatile wear. From the first sketches of each design to the last step in the production process quality and stylish form are TRIWA’s top priorities. Style over status, always.

TRIWA shades are made with classic cuts, contemporary detailing and silhouettes carefully developed to flatter your features. Inspired by the short but vivid summer in Stockholm where, for a short period of time, the otherwise restrained colour pallet of the Swedish population grows adventurous. All TRIWA frames are made out of hand cut acetate and come with lenses from Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision.

Blue Bird Ingrid sunglasses are the butterfly re-interpreted. The semi-transparent blue and green frame is hand crafted from durable cellulose acetate. Light black lenses.

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