2-pack Scented Candles a 60 g, Kärlek & Blomstra - STOCKHOLM

2-pack Scented Candles a 60 g, Kärlek & Blomstra

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Within the box you will find two of Vana’s special soy wax scented 60g candles, Kärlek and Blomstra. Kärlek is Swedish for love and represents the love that we all have for our mum. Blomstra is Swedish for flourish and through this candle we aim to bring out a warm feeling of freshness and belonging.


KÄRLEK is Swedish for love. This is the kind of candle that is suitable for all seasons because that’s what love is for. The refined aroma of citrus arrives with a refreshing note of grapefruit. We believe the scent of invigorating sweetness can represent love and therefore we want to create an atmosphere of ‘’love is in the air’’ by lighting this candle.

BLOMSTRA is named after the Swedish word for Flourish. This design is inspired by the national bird of Sweden, Koltrast, as shown on the label. Koltrast always returns to Sweden in spring and is well known for its beautiful singing. In the old days, when hearing the Koltrast sing, the Swedish people knew spring had arrived and the long hard winter finally came to an end. We blend a unique fragrance of citrus, moss and vetiver to share the joy of blossom.

Each candle is hand-poured using 100% soy wax with care and combined with intoxicating fragrances.
Weight: 60g. Burning Time: 15 hours.

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