Lurking down alleyways, behind thick curtains, or up spiraling staircases are Hong Kong’s speakeasies and hidden bars. Finding them is an adventure in itself, so get moving!



Behind the discreet black door is the speakeasy bar in 1920s style with jazzy grooves and well-dressed waiters. The 67-seat sanctuary where the walls are black, the chairs are covered with aquamarine leather and the booths are draped in green velvet, together with the top-class spirits, are going to make you feel more 007 than 001.
Find and ring the doorbell. Enjoy.
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We all know by now that in this city it’s necessary to look beyond what the eye can see to find some real treasures. There are beautiful private kitchens tucked inside hideous factory buildings; there are quirky bars hidden behind wet markets; and now there is Mrs. Pound, a very cool Asian restaurant inside what looks like a traditional Chinese stamp shop.



Known for the city’s best strawberry daiquiris, this is the place to go for a girl’s night out over fresh and juicy cocktails. The décor here reminds you of a Parisian boudoir; it’s a members’ club, so be sure to either get in early or go with friends who are members!