Conditioner | Never Spring | Vegan | 400 ml
Conditioner | Never Spring | Vegan | 400 ml
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Conditioner | Never Spring | Vegan | 400 ml

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Never Spring Conditioner 400ml

This natural conditioner detangles and repairs the hair with protecting and nourishing organic sea buckthorn.

A natural and rich conditioner with vitamins from sea buckthorn and organic birch extract.


Never Spring is inspired by a longing for spring that never seems to arrive. A green and crisp scent with notes of lemon and cedarwood. Suddenly the sun becomes warm enough to awaken blossoming trees and the days grow longer, and usually toward the evening the sky takes on a deep blue almost warm tone. Never Spring captures our long wait for this awakening season from the feeling when you see the first signs of spring until nature turns into intensive bloom. The scent opens up with bittersweet black currant, gentle and ripe citruses in pleasing contrast with cold, green notes like a crisp morning in spring. It is a woody scent with base notes of cedarwood and soft musk combined with deep amber.


Natural conditioning agents and vegetable protein effectively moisturise and detangle hair without heaviness, leaving it soft and shiny.


Did you know that according to legend, sprinkling Buckthorn in a circle and dancing within it under a full moon will prompt an elf to appear? If the dancer notices the elf and says, “Halt and grant my boon!” before it flees, the elf will grant the dancer one wish. Sound too complicated? Why not settle for a twig.

Buckthorn is actually considered to be a lucky wood to carry or wear. All we know for sure - our magic Sea Buckthorn oil will be lucky for your skin.


Apply to clean, wet hair, leave in for a few minutes, rinse well.

Dermatologically Approved / Made in Sweden

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